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Complaints or disputes for other matters

At QBE LMI we value our customers and other people that we deal with.  If you are unhappy with our service or have a complaint, we would like to know about it. 

If you are a borrower or guarantor and you are unhappy with a service that relates to the provision of lenders’ mortgage insurance to your lender, we ask that you contact your lender in the first instance.

If you have a business relationship with QBE LMI, we ask you to contact us and speak with either the person who normally handles your business relationship, or that person’s manager.  In most instances they should be able to resolve your complaint for you.  When you let us know about a complaint, we will acknowledge the complaint within 3 business days and will usually provide you with our business manager’s response within 15 business days.

Internal Review

If you remain dissatisfied you may seek an internal independent review by our Internal Dispute Resolution ("IDR") area. You can contact our IDR area as follows:

By Phone: 1300 650 503 (toll free)
By Mail: QBE Internal Dispute Resolution Section
GPO Box 82
Sydney NSW 2001
By Fax:     02 8227 8594
By Email:      complaints@qbe.com 

For more on our complaints process, see our Complaints and Dispute Brochure

If you contact the IDR area we will obtain your particulars, the details of your complaint and will treat your complaint as a dispute. As part of the review process we will obtain information from the relevant business unit within QBE LMI, review your dispute and write to you advising of the outcome of the review and reasons for the decision. This will usually be within 15 business days of you having first contacted the IDR area. If for any reason there is a delay with the review, you will be advised and be given regular updates.