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Australian Credit Licence No. 393812

Lenders that hold a lenders’ mortgage insurance policy issued by QBE LMI

At QBE LMI we value our customers.  We understand that from time to time some customers may not be happy with the service we provide in our underwriting area, in our handling of your claim or with other aspects of our business. 

The following outlines our Complaint Dispute Process.  It sets out how we handle any complaint or dispute which we are made aware of.  At all times, your records will be dealt with in accordance with QBE LMI’s Privacy Policy.

If you are unhappy with our service or have a complaint, we would like to know about it.  We ask you to contact us and speak with either the person who normally handles your business relationship here at QBE LMI, or that person’s manager.  In most instances they should be able to resolve your complaint for you.  When you let us know about a complaint, we will acknowledge your complaint within 3 business days and will usually provide you with our business manager’s response within 15 business days.

Denied Claim

If we decline your claim, you may ask for copies of information about you that we relied upon in assessing your claim. You may request a review of any decision by us to decline to release such information.

Internal Review

If you remain dissatisfied you may seek an internal independent review by our Internal Dispute Resolution (“IDR”) area. You can contact our IDR area as follows:

By Phone: 1300 650 503 (toll free)
By Mail: QBE Internal Dispute Resolution Section
GPO Box 82
Sydney NSW 2001
By Fax:     02 8227 8594
By Email:      complaints@qbe.com 

If you contact the IDR area, we will obtain your particulars, the details of your complaint and will treat your complaint as a dispute. As part of the review process we will obtain information from the relevant business unit within QBE LMI, review your dispute and write to you advising of the outcome of the review and reasons for the decision. This will usually be within 15 business days of you having first contacted the IDR area. If for any reason there is a delay with the review, you will be advised and be given regular updates.

External Review

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of this process, or QBE LMI is unable to provide a response within 45 days, you have the right to seek an external review (even if we are still considering the dispute).  The following provides details of our external dispute resolution process. 

Notice of dispute 

In order to have your dispute submitted to external dispute resolution, please provide QBE LMI with a notice setting out the following matters: 

  • nature of the dispute
  • relevant background information
  • how the dispute arose
  • solution sought

Your request for external dispute resolution should be addressed to:

By Mail: QBE Internal Dispute Resolution Section
GPO Box 82
Sydney NSW 2001
By Fax:     02 8227 8594
By Email:      complaints@qbe.com  

Once we have received your request for external dispute resolution QBE LMI will arrange a meeting with you to attempt to resolve the dispute (usually within 10 business days, or as agreed with you).  If the dispute is not resolved to your satisfaction within 10 business days of the meeting the dispute will be submitted to an agreed mediator.

Selection of a mediator

QBE LMI will provide you with details of 2 or more appropriately qualified independent mediators including qualifications and experience to select from. If we are unable to agree on a mediator within 10 business days (following submission of proposed mediators) the Australian Commercial Disputes Centre (“ACDC”) will appoint an appropriately qualified mediator. We will equally share the costs of engaging the mediator with you.

Date, time and place of mediation

We will agree with you the date, time and place of the mediation and if we are unable to agree, the mediator may set the date, time and place. Subject to availability of the mediator, the mediation will commence within 90 days of selection of the mediator.

Representation and attendance

Both parties may engage legal representatives to attend the mediation and will advise the other party of proposed mediation attendees 5 business days prior to the mediation.

Confidentiality and authority of mediator

All matters discussed in the mediation will remain confidential but each party may disclose the information to appropriate management, insurers or legal representatives. The mediator will not have authority to impose settlement terms on the parties but any settlement agreement executed by the parties will be binding.