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Australian Housing Outlook 2016-2019 Australian Housing Outlook 2016-2019  [28/10/15]

Housing Outlook Report 2015-2018 House prices forecast to outperform units through to 2018  [28/10/15]

Media Release - 2015 QBE Barometer 2015 QBE Barometer  [29/04/15]

Housing Outlook Report 2014-2017 Australian housing market growth set to slow  [06/10/14]

2014 QBE Barometer  [07/08/14]

Policy Update - Cyclone Ita  [29/04/14]

2013 Positive trends support solid outlook for Australian housing market  [15/10/13]

2013 Mortgage Barometer Report  [18/06/13]

Infographic and key highlights of the 2013 Mortgage Barometer Report  [18/06/13]

Demand for property remains strong but preferences are changing  [18/06/13]

Moody's revises Lenders' Mortgage Insurance rating  [06/02/13]

lmiBAROMETER 2012: Respondents still want to buy residential property  [17/04/12]

Jenny Boddington assumes office of CEO of QBE LMI  [15/03/12]

Market Release: QBE 2011 Results  [28/02/12]

QBE announces Group CEO succession  [28/02/12]

QBE LMI appoints Senior Partnership Manager  [19/01/12]

QBE Market Release  [12/01/12]

QBE LMI release lmiHOUSING OUTLOOK 2011-2014  [11/10/11]

Treasurer Announces Lenders' Mortgage Insurance Fact Sheet  [26/08/11]

New Zealand: Housing shortages in Auckland and Christchurch will support house prices in New Zealand  [11/08/11]

New Zealand: Housing Outlook highlights by region  [11/08/11]

QBE LMI appoints Senior Partnership Manager   [29/06/11]

Buy now or wait and save  [12/04/11]

QBE LMI appoints Partnership Manager  [31/03/11]

QBE releases 2010 Annual Financial Results  [28/02/11]

QBE LMI Mortgage Opinion Survey Results  [02/02/11]

Response to flood affected areas in Queensland  [31/12/10]

Strong house price growth in Sydney, Adelaide & Perth  [12/10/10]

QBE LMI to return to Bidwill with close to 100 employees  [07/10/10]

QBE announces 2010 Half Yearly Results  [19/08/10]

New Zealand: House prices to fall over the next 12 months  [12/08/10]

National Consumer Credit Protection Legislation (NCCP)  [03/08/10]

Population growth will continue to support first home buyer demand in 2010/11  [14/04/10]

Remember the feeling when you received the keys to your first home?  [25/03/10]

Response to Cyclone Ului Affected areas in Queensland  [23/03/10]

QBE LMI's Automated Valuation Models reduce fraud risk for QBE LMI  [19/03/10]

QBE LMI helps over 1800 borrowers facing financial hardship  [15/03/10]

Response to Storm Affected areas in Melbourne  [09/03/10]

QBE LMI expands into direct mortgage insurance in Hong Kong  [09/03/10]

Zali Rogers appointed to Senior Manager, People & Culture  [17/02/10]

Response to Flood Affected areas in North and North Western New South Wales  [29/12/09]

QBE LMI release lmiHOUSING OUTLOOK 2010-2012  [14/10/09]

Warren O'Rourke Appointed to a Senior Marketing Role at QBE LMI  [04/09/09]

Low Mortgage Rates to Drive Up House Prices:
QBE LMI Housing Outlook for New Zealand 2009 report released

Response to Flood Affected areas in Northern New South Wales and South East Queensland  [28/05/09]

Impact of changes to the First Home Owner’s Grant Boost Scheme on the Residential Market  [08/05/09]

QBE LMI Now Requires 5% of Purchase Price from Genuine Savings  [27/04/09]

QBE LMI Creates Dedicated Team to Support Borrowers Facing Hardship  [24/04/09]

GE Money Policy Update  [21/04/09]

Response to Flood Affected areas in Northern New South Wales  [07/04/09]

Why Rent When It's Time To Buy? - Housing Outlook Released  [31/03/09]

Response to Bush Fire affected areas in Victoria  [09/02/09]

Response to Flood Affected areas in Northern Queensland  [05/02/09]