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lmiCUSTOMER FIRST - Australia

At QBE LMI, we have a long term commitment to ensure that the products we offer support the growth of our partners’ mortgage businesses. 

To support our customers’ strategies for growth, QBE LMI has made the decision to invest in developing its product suite. Our new and exciting products strategy, lmiCUSTOMER FIRST, delivers a core product suite that is better aligned to the borrower segments of the residential mortgage lending market.

We have also made considerable behind the scenes improvements in our technology platform which will allow us to respond far more quickly and with greater flexibility to your product requirements now and into the future.

The process starts with picking the most appropriate form of lenders’ mortgage insurance to meet the borrower's situation.

QBE LMI offers three simple choices.

What type of loan are we able to insure? 
QBE LMI Solution (click for link)

Purchase, construction, or refinance of a residential owner occupied home.

Purchase or construction of a residential owner occupied home for first home buyers.

Purchase, construction, or refinance of a residential investment property.

If you would like further details, please read the lmiGUIDE or contact QBE LMI.

If you are looking to get a home loan, then please speak to your mortgage lender to discuss their lenders’ mortgage insurance requirements.